May 29, 2009

So, I finally joined the 21st century of console gaming and got an Xbox; an Xbox 360, to be exact. Pretty cool so far, and I’m liking the Xbox Live thingy, but I’ve already had a problem. The Xbox 360 is supposed to be able to play some original Xbox games, so I went out […]



May 13, 2009

This morning the whole office trekked down to Hollywood to have an all-hands update meeting at the El Capitan theater. The Upside of this was that afterwards we got to see a special advanced screening of the new Disney*Pixar movie “Up”! First “out of the can” screeing of the film, they said! Got free popcorn […]



May 4, 2009

What’s this? After all this silence all I’m posting is a silly Robot Chicken Star Trek video? You betcha!