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Summer Time and Not Much

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Once again another summer in Los Angeles brings the heat. It’s been getting up into the 90’s the past week, but at least we got off easy last month with the so-called “June Gloom”, which I rather enjoyed. But enough about the damned weather!

In social news, good buddy Tim O’Brien has departed our shores to move back east to New York. He claims he wants to be near family, but we know it’s just because he hates us. But seriously, we’ll miss you dude. We’ll be holding auditions for new friends in the coming weeks.

Megs is still doing her law school thing, but this summer is a little different in that she’s doing legal clinic instead of the more traditional classes. It’s been interesting experience and I think it’s great! Fall term is going to be brutal, so don’t expect to hear much from her once September rolls around. I’ll try to relay anything pertinent.

A month from now is my ten-year high school reunion! I plan on attending, so it’s just a matter of working out travel details back to Eugene. Looks like driving is gonna be cheapest, especially if we manage to bum some couch off someone roughly halfway north.

I finished scanning in old film photos, as I mentioned in my previous post, but I still have quite a few digital photos I can post. They’re not quite as much fun because a) they’re not as old, and b) I’ve posted quite a lot of them already. I’ll probably re-post some of them to Facebook to mess with the friends over there. I know a lot of folks there have not seen my old albums, so it’s new to them!

Here’s a picture of me and the family. I’m probably in about 6th grade here: