What’s With All the Horses?

August 24, 2009

When a person is driving through the vast boring wasteland that is the I-5 corridor, one has time to think about many things and irritate his passenger with these random thoughts. Mine was this: What’s with all these horses? I mean, think about it. Whenever you’re driving along the interstate through farm country or along […]


Up and Down

August 19, 2009

Last week, Megs and I took an extended weekend trip up to Eugene and back again for my 10-year high school reunion. We left Wednesday morning for San Francisco where we stayed at Badier’s place for the night, before continuing on to Eugene the next day. Since Wednesday and Thursday were largely just travel, all […]


Reunions and Other Parties

August 5, 2009

First up, as some of you may already know, Megs and I are heading back up to Eugene, Oregon next week for my 10-year high school reunion! We’re gonna be driving instead of flying to save on costs, but as a side benefit we can visit Badier up in SF! Thanks for letting us crash […]