Ah, Spring!

Well, it’s officially spring now, although going by the weather here in Los Angeles, it’s been spring for at least a month already. Still gets chilly at night, though.

So I poked around briefly at working with Winamp plug-ins and it didn’t interest me. I also tried to get Pidgin to compile in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 instead of its usual build environments, but was unsuccessful. I might still keep at that, but the end result is of marginal use, so I dunno.

I’m really having difficulty finding some kind of programming project that interests me. I like to solve problems, but most of my daily computing tasks already have solutions. It’s a conundrum.

In conclusion, here are three hoverball cats:

Hoverball Cats

Wumm wumm wumm wumm wumm

2 Responses to “Ah, Spring!”

  1. OtherOtherMegan says:

    those kitties are AWESOME.

  2. Kyle says:

    They come for youuuuu!

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