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Converted Apple

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

So I’ve done it. I finally joined the masses of Apple iPhone users, and I must say, I totally dig it. Megs hates it when I say so, but I swear this thing is at least partly magic. It is an amazing device, to be sure. The screen looks unbelievable, the touch controls are fun and quick, and the application possibilities are endless. I’ve already downloaded a few of the so-called “apps”: Facebook, Echofon for Twitter, a Wikipedia front-end,‘s app, SimCity, Words With Friends, the Google suite, Kindle reader, Pandora internet radio, Adobe Photoshop Mobile, TV Guide, a graphing calculator (why not?), TapDefense, Klondike solitaire, Glow Doodle Snake, and the WoW Armory. I hadn’t even realized how many apps I’d downloaded until just now when I wrote out that list there. This thing is hella fun!

Chris in a mirror holding iPhone

Recursive Chris goes on forever!

Shaved… Again!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Got bored with the beard, so I shaved it off again. I’ll probably stay this way until I get tired of shaving.

Shaved Chris

Shaved Chris

Another Summer

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Another summer quickly approaches; a time for long sunny days and uncomfortably warm nights. Once again, Megs and I will be tempted to buy a free-standing A/C unit for the bedroom as we are every summer, but as usual we’ll likely not do so. Maybe this summer we’ll check out the pool on the roof of Jacques’ place.

Some upcoming events for life:

  • This is happening and Megs, Jacques, Hanh and I are going to see it. I mean how could we not attend an event called “The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour”? With special guest Nathan Fillion!
  • E3 is coming up week after next. Always a tiring experience
  • Matt & Anna’s wedding up in Portland this August. Megs and I are going to be taking the train, which is a fun little adventure in itself.
  • I desperately want to get to a forest and camp with a camp fire at some point. Any advice on locations an hour or two from The Valley?

That’s all I got for now. Megs is still finishing up a few classes in law school, and I’m still working for Disney. Oh, and we’ve both been playing a lot of the Starcraft 2 beta. The cat is well and our friends are awesome. I’ll try to write here more often.

Zerg Rush chess

Some of you will get this joke