Converted Apple

So I’ve done it. I finally joined the masses of Apple iPhone users, and I must say, I totally dig it. Megs hates it when I say so, but I swear this thing is at least partly magic. It is an amazing device, to be sure. The screen looks unbelievable, the touch controls are fun and quick, and the application possibilities are endless. I’ve already downloaded a few of the so-called “apps”: Facebook, Echofon for Twitter, a Wikipedia front-end,‘s app, SimCity, Words With Friends, the Google suite, Kindle reader, Pandora internet radio, Adobe Photoshop Mobile, TV Guide, a graphing calculator (why not?), TapDefense, Klondike solitaire, Glow Doodle Snake, and the WoW Armory. I hadn’t even realized how many apps I’d downloaded until just now when I wrote out that list there. This thing is hella fun!

Chris in a mirror holding iPhone

Recursive Chris goes on forever!

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