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The Weather

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Yeah, let’s write about the weather. Obviously, with a lack of posting anything here at all this month, the weather is the best subject to bring up. But still, IT’S FREAKING HOT OUT!!! Got up over 110 degrees today here in Los Angeles–and it’s almost October! Even posted a picture to Facebook from my iPhone earlier today.

October is shaping up to be an interesting month for me. First off, there’s another Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour show next weekend. Probably won’t be going to that, but I’d like to; the one in September was a lot of fun! Also, late next week some friends might be breezing through town and I hope to be able to see them for dinner if nothing else. I also plan on going to Disneyland with some friends from out of town at some point, and then plan on going out of town myself with them the weekend of the 23rd. The 27th is w00tstock 2.6 at the Largo Coronet theater in Hollywood and I had such a blast at w00tstock 1.1 that I wouldn’t miss it! Already got tickets and everything. Lastly, the 30th is Megs’ birthday, so I’m sure we’ll do something nice for that.

That was an unwieldy paragraph. Let’s not do that again.

The fall network TV season has begun, so I watched a few pilots. My review in brief:

  • Outsourced (NBC): Meh. Not great. Perhaps has some potential, but who cares. Would watch if nothing else was on and I really needed to watch TV.
  • $#@! My Dad Says (CBS): Standard multi-camera sitcom with a studio audience. William Shatner’s great and all, but this one’s a miss. Would only watch if I was bed-ridden and had no other form of entertainment, including sleep.
  • Running Wylde (FOX): From the producer of Arrested Development (Mitch Horowitz) and starring one of the cast of the same (Will Arnett), I had to give it a shot. And… it’s not bad. Best of the three, actually. Certainly has some potential, and I’ll be adding it to my DVR record list.

Megs also caught the pilot of “The Event” and “Chase”, but you’ll have to ask her about her opinions on those, since I didn’t see them.

Last weekend Megs, I, and some of our friends helped Jacques & Hanh move to a lovely little rental house in Pasadena. As always after helping someone move, I was tired and sore, but at least this time we had a lot of dollies and carts to help with the lifting. Also, now I want a house too! It has a yard–front and back! Also a garage! Someday…

…and speaking of someday, Megs is finishing up her last term with law school. Just these last 3 classes, and then it’s the dreaded Bar exam in late February, giving her most of December, all of January, and most of February to study. This is one reason we have no holiday plans to travel this year. The other being that we were just up in Oregon in August and travel is spendy!

And now, I leave you with a funny Spock situation:

Spock fallback career

Spock's fallback career plans