Babies are hard; crying babies are the worst.

First off, let’s start by saying that both Samantha and Megan are in excellent health. Sam weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. yesterday, so she’s gaining weight like a champ. That being said, she’s got this bad “habit” of getting really fussy/gassy after her nighttime feedings. At times she can just cry and cry and cry with nothing to be done about it. Other times, stuff like swaying, burping, or rocking can help. As adults used to getting a good night’s rest, this is a new challenge for the both of us. The way it usually goes is Megs will give Sam her 9-10 o’clock-ish feeding and then spend the hour or so afterwards trying to get her to go to sleep. Sometimes this is successful, but lately it has not been. If the latter, Megs will sleep for an hour and a half or so while I stay up with Sam trying to get her to calm down. At about 3 hours after the previous feeding started, Megs will feed her again. We then repeat this procedure, sometimes until dawn. Such is life.

In other news, I’ve taken up Magic cards again! Matt and Skye came over last weekend with some cards and the four of us all had a good time with them, so Megs bought me and herself some cards. Last night, the four of us played a few games, in between crying baby times. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night for new parents like us.

No other plans for this weekend, other than trying to catch up on some sleep. 🙂

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  1. Emily says:

    Ugh, yes, crying babies are so hard! Sometimes I think the unpredictability of it (will she cry or will she be calm) is even more stressful than just predictable crying. Sounds like you and Megs are a good team!

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