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Paternity Leave: Day 5

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Today started off with errands. Sammy took her bottle like a champ, and we were off! We had baby’s first trip to Fry’s so I could get a USB-A -> USB-A cable. Oh yes! Then we went to lunch. It was very exciting. After that we dropped by the WDI offices to see folks who haven’t had a chance to meet Samantha yet. Good times. I got this lovely picture of us in our matching DISH tracking hats:

Sam and Chris with LED hats

Sam and I with matching tracking hats

My thanks to Bei and Anne for the lovely baby hat. It’s kind of an inside reference to the tracking hat for our VR system at work, but trust me; it’s awesome.

After that, we went shopping for groceries, and then came home. Megs got home an hour or two after that, we had dinner, than Matt and Skye came over. Yay! We just finished watching The Impostors (1998), which is a great film, by the way, and now we’re about to watch The Devil Wears Prada.