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Paternity Leave: Day 10

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Today was a good day. Sam was very well behaved and ate like a machine! Growth spurt, I presume. We watched some Entourage (Oh yeah!), went for lunch, and went to Old Navy so I could get a pair of shorts. Then it was home and more feeding for her. Managed to get some laundry done, too.

After Megs got home we had dinner, more baby feeding, and then I played some Bioshock Infinite. I’m trying to get to an airship at the moment to get the hell outta Dodge, but we keep getting side-tracked. I think right now we’re trying to find some kind of electricity substitute, whose name I forget, to activate some gondola to get to the ship. Whew! Still, cool game.

After that I washed a baby! First time for me, so Megs advised. Shoulda got a picture, but I didn’t so here’s her at Panera:

Panera Baby

Panera Baby

After Bioshock and bathing, we finished season 7 of Entourage. One more to go!