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Paternity Leave: Day 11

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Today we helped Matt and Skye move some large things to their new apartment. And by “we”, I mean me. Samantha wasn’t very much use at moving even the smallest of boxes! At any rate, we got the bed and mattress moved, which was the big thing requiring help. Skye’s mom did a wonderful job of watching Sammy while we moved stuff; even put up with an extended fussy/screaming period!

After moving, Sam and I ran some errands and came home. Megs and I had fish for dinner and Sam had milk, like always. What a boring diet! I’m sure she’ll mix it up more someday.

No pictures today, sorry! Too busy moving stuff and we forgot to get a group selfie before Sam and I left, mostly because she was screaming her head off and I was anxious to get going.

Tomorrow morning Sam turns three months old! I’m told everything will be better then. Let’s hope she’s as punctual as she was with her birth date!