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Paternity Leave: Day 13

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Today was a good day, but this may be a short entry because it’s late and Sam is not sleeping yet.

Megan’s father came to visit Sam again today and we hung out for a while this afternoon. I took another picture, but it’s on my phone in the other room and I have to stay here and watch Sammy, so I’ll post it later.

From the afternoon and into the night we went back to our old building in North Hollywood, where Matt and Skye have taken up residence. A lovely housewarming party was had by all, and Sammy was welcomed and coo’d over quite a lot. It was her first party, and she did very well. Again, pictures were taken, but they’re elsewhere, so I’ll post them later.

Sam is starting to fuss, so I have to go. More later.