Paternity Leave: Day 16

August 19, 2014

A very uneasy quiet has descended on the dining room. Megs went to bed about 10 minutes ago, leaving me with Samantha who quickly started ramping up the fussiness. As a desperate measure, I put her back in her cradle and started bicycling her feet, saying “Feet-feet-feet-feet-feet-feet!”. This made her quiet down, and now she’s […]


Paternity Leave: Day 15

August 19, 2014

Tonight is a bad baby night. I just spent the last hour holding a crying/screaming Samantha who would not be calmed by anything. I did all the big four: changed her diaper, burped her, fed her, and held her. Nothing. Just screaming. Sometimes all you can do is put in earplugs and deal. Luckily, she […]