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Paternity Leave: Day 19

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Today was more government offices. We started with the California Employment Development Department, to try to track down my Paid Family Leave stuff, since there is no Paid Family Leave office this side of Fresno, and I wasn’t about to drive there! They said that this wasn’t the right office, but the lady there was kind enough to look up my information on the system and said that the documents I submitted yesterday should take care of things, so here’s hoping!

After hanging out in downtown LA, Sam and I went back up to Pasadena to take care of Maverick’s license renewal at the Pasadena Humane Society. Nice facility they got there! Their kennels are nice and outdoors and there’s trees and stuff around. Anyways, after taking care of that we went home.

The plan for this evening was to play Magic cards with Matt and Skye, so shortly after I got home Matt showed up, followed an hour or so later by Megan. Skye would be joining us after she got off work a while later, so we started prepping dinner, which was to be grilled stuff on the BBQ. After searching our freezer, I found some chicken thighs, half a salmon fillet, and two small boneless pork chops. Matt brought some potatoes, so we were in business! Or so I thought…

Turns out our grill wouldn’t start. I thought we must be out of propane, so I went to Vons to get some more. I also picked up some garlic bread and asparagus while I was there. However, a lack of propane was not the problem! I deduced it was a bad regulator hose, so off I went again to the hardware store for a new one. Got back home, hooked it up, and FIRE! Yes! Dinner was ON!

We started cooking shortly before Skye arrived, which was a pity, because we were hoping to have everything cooked by then, but oh well. Eventually dinner was great, and afterwards we played a few games of Magic:

Magic: The Gathering gathering

Magic: The Gathering gathering

For the record, my cheap mono red creature deck crushed Matt’s experimental blue/black deck of pain three times in a row. His white heroic deck, however, trounced me thoroughly after that. A lovely night!