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Paternity Leave: Day 24

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Samantha is screaming in the other room. I hope she stops soon and goes to sleep.

Dad is here vising for a couple days, which is nice. He’s sitting across the table from me right now doing his own internet things on his Macbook Air.

Sam is still screaming. I may have to go soon.

Here are Sam and I in happier times:

Dad and daughter

Dad and daughter

OK, so I was gone for the last 45 mins calming Sammy down. She’s asleep now, and let’s hope she stays that way.

Anyways, as for what we did today, it goes like this: went to Costco for frozen pasta stuff, went to Bed Bath and Beyond for some sheets, and then went to Lowes for a plumbing bit to fix the sprayer thing in our kitchen sink. After I got home and fixed the sink, I soldered some cables together (VGA-Component) to make a custom adapter. Just cuz. Dad and Megs got home around 6:30 and we had lasagna for dinner.