Paternity Leave: Day 15

Tonight is a bad baby night. I just spent the last hour holding a crying/screaming Samantha who would not be calmed by anything. I did all the big four: changed her diaper, burped her, fed her, and held her. Nothing. Just screaming. Sometimes all you can do is put in earplugs and deal. Luckily, she hasn’t had a night like this in a while, so let’s hope it’s a fluke. Megs is in nursing her now, so I can write/sleep for a bit.

Rewinding the day, the rest was pretty good! Jacques and Hanh spent the night last night, so they were making pancakes in the kitchen when I got up this morning. They hung out until the afternoon when they had to leave, Jacques for SF and Hanh to visit other family in Riverside. Before that, I ran some errands which included: lunch at Philly’s Best (yum!), returned something to Sport Chalet ($$$), got some cat foot at PetCo (=^..^=), and groceries from Vons (also, yum!). Got home before Jacques and Hanh left, so we all hung out with Sammy for a while.

Hanh and Sammy

Hanh and Sammy

After they left, I managed to get Sam to take a nap.
Wherever she falls, there shall she nap

Wherever she falls, there shall she nap

Which was good, cuz I have some business with hospital bills and day care to take care of. Still trying to lock down day care for Samantha for when both Megs and I are working, but I’ve got a good lead on a trusted nanny, so here’s hoping that works out!

Lastly, here’s some pictures of Maverick getting used to being second banana to Samantha:

Guarding Sam's play area

Guarding Sam’s play area

Ho, hum.

Ho, hum.

2 Responses to “Paternity Leave: Day 15”

  1. Megan says:

    “Wherever she falls, there shall she nap” is the best caption ever

  2. Emily says:

    Agreed, that caption is awesome. So, not to offer unwanted advice, but are the 5 S’s on your radar? We had some success with those during screamy times….

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