Paternity Leave: Day 18

Today marks roughly the half-way point in my leave. We spent it out in Van Nuys waiting in line for her birth certificate. After acquiring the document and getting us both some lunch, I dropped by the office to use the scanner to scan it in. I need to attach it to a leave claim for my paternity leave so’s that I can gets paid by the gov’munt! Here’s Sammy patiently waiting in the queue at the records office:

She's part English, she knows how to queue!

She’s part English, she knows how to queue!

I am not going to be posting the scanned in version of her birth certificate here, because I am not an idiot.

The rest of the day was fairly normal, and I’m posting this relatively early in the evening because she’s actually snoozing right now. However, now that I mention it, I hear her stirring, so this might be the end of this post. Good night, my babies!

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