Paternity Leave: Day 22

Today was boring. Well, no, that’s not’s fair. Today was uneventful. We went to Philly’s Best for my Monday cheese steak sandwich, then we went to Target for some random household stuff. Came home, hung out, watched the Emmy’s. Monday!

Last night I stayed up too late playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in hero mode, which is really hard by the way! The monsters are slightly faster and “smarter”, but the real kicker is they do FOUR TIMES the damage! This means I die in one to three hits, typically. I haven’t killed Link this many times since I was 5 years old!

Dad’s coming to visit later this week for a few days, which is nice. Matt and Kim (brother and sister, for those not in the know) are out at Burning Man. Or at least, they might be. I hear it rained there the other day. Hard. So hard in fact, they had to close the gate on opening day! It’s gotta be absolute chaos out there. My best to my Burner friends—good luck and Godspeed.

In conclusion, here’s a couple pics of Sam and me:

Sam is in no mood!

Sam is in no mood!

I am happy.  Sam is not.

I am happy. Sam is not.

Now we're both happy!

Now we’re both happy!

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