Paternity Leave: Day 29

It’s 4:45 a.m. I’ve been sleeping since 8 p.m., so I guess I was tired! I wonder if I might have some kind of intestinal parasite, cuz I’ve been losing weight and I’m tired a lot. Also, I’ve been waking up with stomach discomfort more often than usual. I further wonder if Samantha has the same thing, as her symptoms are similar: slower-than-we-would-like weight gain, stomach discomfort, etc. Idle thoughts. I plan on calling the pediatrician’s office later today.

In what-we-did-today news, Megan, Samantha, and I all went down to Uncle John’s house in Long Beach to have a Labor Day BBQ with John and dad. We had chicken, salad, and Spanish rice, all of which were excellent. We also had a nice time watching Sammy on her little play mat thing that we brought with us. I spent a few minutes trying to get a Verizon modem to act like a bridge, but it wasn’t being very cooperative, despite my serious attempts:

Serious computing

Serious computing

Oh well. I was more successful at calming Samantha down, but only just.
Samantha in her natural state

Samantha in her natural state

We said our goodbyes and headed back home to Pasadena around 5:30. Got home, took a nap, helped with the baby a bit, then went to bed. See paragraph one for more on that one.

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