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Paternity Leave: Final Day

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

I know I still have the weekend, but today is the official end of my paternity leave. As I’ve said before, each week has gone faster than the previous, and this one was no exception. Excluding being rear-ended by another car yesterday, it wasn’t a bad week.

Matt and Skye came over this evening, and in fact just now left at 1:30 a.m. Matt made us stir fry and we’ve spent the last few hours playing Magic cards. We got a new box of booster packs and we all had fun with a draft round as well as just some regular opening and sharing of cards. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. What matters is that we all had a lovely evening.

Samantha went to bed a few hours ago and has been sleeping soundly. She was very well-behaved for most of the week, in fact.

I don’t know exactly what the future of this blog will be, but I do plan to keep posting here. Hopefully more than annually this time. The subject will probably return to more general “Life of Chris” stuff, but to be sure Samantha will always feature. I was able to fill the column inches the past few weeks because unlike more normal workday stuff, paternity leave isn’t full of Disney secrets. When I blog in a normal work week, all I can usually say is “I went to work and did amazing cool stuff that I can’t go into detail on, or I might get fired.” Gets repetitive after a while. I’ll probably at least give further details on the saga of my poor car and her busted up rear end for while. And always pictures of Samantha!

To conclude, here’s me sans daughter, but there’s sure to be a nearly inexhaustible supply of photos in the days, weeks, and years to come.

Just me

Just me

Moved Servers

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

ChrisWeb is now hosted by the good folks over at Dreamhost. I made the move last week and things seem to going OK. I changed themes too, so if you see a green header instead of a blue one, that’s why. I was growing more and more displeased with my previous hosting solution, and I’ve heard nothing by good things about Dreamhost. Also, Kyle works there, so there’s that. =)

In other news, last weekend Megs and I went up to visit mom for Easter, so here’s the pictures:

Easter 2010

My Birthday and More

Friday, March 12th, 2010

As my previous post alluded, I recently turned 29. Here are some pictures:

Chris’ 29th Birthday

I miss ChrisWeb; my posting schedule here is down from more than semi-weekly to monthly at this point. I’m tempted to ditch WordPress and go back to completely home-grown, but I’m not going to for a variety of reasons. For one, WordPress is a really well-put-together piece of software and anything I’d do would be re-inventing the wheel, and in a crappier fashion. I’ve done a lot of blog-type web development in the last 10 years (can you believe this blog is almost 10 years old?!?), and that was fun and educational, but that time is behind me. I’ve changed and the web has changed. All I originally did was to fill voids in functionality that I wanted. WordPress didn’t exist. Facebook didn’t exist. Hell, the word “blog” didn’t exist when I started keep an “online journal”. I just kept adding features like logging, comments, pictures, etc. as I needed them. Now there’s a plethora of free tools out there at my disposal with teams of people working on them full-time, so that need isn’t that driving force here anymore. Also, I have 10x as many people seeing my posts on Facebook than I ever did here, and now I doubt there’s more than half a dozen people who check this place regularly. Heck, this post will be linked automatically on Facebook and Twitter once I publish it.

Why all the web navel-gazing? No idea. Guess I’m trying to figure out the future of ChrisWeb here. I was thinking last night that perhaps I should try to have some kind of focus for posts here, rather than as a general journal. Facebook more-or-less fills the latter niche, but where FB is good for short life updates and quick picture-posting, the more traditional blog lends itself better to longer and more thought-out writings.

So, what to write about? Well, what I want is a programming project. Something short-to-medium term to start with. I was thinking about writing a plug-in for Pidgin or WinAmp to start with. Always good practice to work against someone else’s code base or API. But what to create? Generally, I’m at my most driven when I’ve got some kind of need to fill, so let’s see what kind of features I want to add/enhance.

No, I haven’t actually thought it through yet; I’ve been more-or-less writing this whole post as I think of it. If anyone has any suggestions on something neat to code up, please post any suggestions you might have. I’ll start writing about what I end up working on, and we’ll take it from there. Cool? Awesome.

Wishlist updated

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Once again, I have updated my wish list with a few more things: some replacement arrows for my DDR pad (they’re cracking), and some replacement Roomba parts, so the robot can keep our place clean for us again.

Twitter Patter

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Some of my readers already know of so-called Internet “microblogging” service Twitter. What they may not know is that I have a Twitter feed of my own now. Basically, it’s a place where I can post about the minutia of whatever in 140 characters or less per post. I can do so via the web site or via text messaging on my phone. Interested parties can “subscribe” to my “feed” and keep up with what I’m posting about. Oh the joy of it all. Not sure if I’ll ever post there or what, but since everyone else was doing it…I wanted to be cool. 😛

Megs and I are slowly settling on some kind of holiday plans, so here’s what we got so far: Thanksgiving is gonna be down here in Los Angeles. Probably down in Long Beach with whatever relatives we can manage to find there. For Christmas we’re planning on taking the train up to Eugene, staying there for a few days, driving up to Portland for a week, back down to Eugene for a few more days, then train back down to LA. Whew! If anyone is gonna be in the Eugene/Portland area in the last half of December, let me know and maybe we can say hi.

I hope this does not happen

And So Begins the Bulk Posting

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Apparently the gauntlet has been thrown down by Kimi and/or her crew, so once again we got for broke with the Post-Every-Day-of-the-Week event!

Today’s post will be unexciting because no one reads posts on Sundays and I don’t want something good to get buried by tomorrow’s post. For now, all the news that’s fit to print is that I’ve upgraded the WordPress server here at ChrisWeb so we’re all the latest and greatest from here on out. Feel the web-server love!

Glad you all liked the old picture of me in the previous post. If mom gets me one of me in dad’s lap at the computer, I’ll scan that in and post it too. Probably not this week, since I’m not going to see mom until next weekend. Don’t forget: next Sunday is Mother’s Day, everyone, and since I know a lot of my readers’ mothers read their children’s blogs, I figured I’d send out a helpful reminder.

In conclusion, here is our cat in a picture I took about two minutes ago:

Site History

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Well, all of a sudden I seem to have activity on my little ol’ page again! How fun!

Kelly and Annie have both suddenly felt a need for all their old posts from the old K-Net page, and who am I to stand in their way of history? They should now have all their old posts and comments emailed to them. May them find them as enlightening as I have.

I also was reminded that the K-Net link on my “Blogroll” here was horribly out of date. My apologies! I have removed the offending link and added in Kim, Kelly, and Annie’s new links in it’s place. Enjoy!

Not much else going on. Work and such. Live goes on, eh?

Out on Holiday?

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Is everyone still out on break for the holidays? The comments here have dropped off considerably recently. Just curious if anyone still reads this site.

“What’s new with Chris?”, you might ask. Well, you’ve come to the right place for asking such things! When last we chatted, it was nearly the New Year and I was enjoying a day in Internet fame. Since that time, I’ve been to a New Year’s Eve Party, taken up a new online game, and had some company. All-in-all, a nice wind-down from the holidays.

Lastly, I made a neat thing from a kit that dad gave me, using a soldering iron mom gave me.

More Than Just a Pen?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

A simple Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black, yes, but check out the reviews at the bottom. I promise this link will be worth your while.

Also, this blog turned seven years old last weekend! Cripes! Has it really been that long? At least my life will be well-recorded in some fashion or another.

List update

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Just wanted to let any interested parties know that I’ve been adding a few more things to my Christmas list in case folks were not sure what to get.

In related news, who’s going to be around L.A. New Year’s Eve? Megs and I were thinking of hosting a party for whomever is still/back in town that night.