Blackberry Postin’

March 20, 2009

So this is my first attempt at updating the ol’ blog here with my new Blackberry. So far, not too bad. Anyways, Megs and I are currently in the lounge at the Westin Hotel in Palo Alto awaiting her moot court team’s final practice session in a few minutes. The actual competition is later tonight, […]


Facebook Fights My Blog

February 27, 2009

I feel bad for neglecting good ol’ ChrisWeb here. I’ve been spending more time updating my Facebook status and doing silly memes over there, however that generally only updates the 149 Friends I have on Facebook and not the world at large. For the record, I only befriend people I know in real life on […]


Twitter Patter

October 14, 2008

Some of my readers already know of so-called Internet “microblogging” service Twitter. What they may not know is that I have a Twitter feed of my own now. Basically, it’s a place where I can post about the minutia of whatever in 140 characters or less per post. I can do so via the web […]


Back Home from the Lake

August 16, 2008

We’re home safe from our trip. Pretty tired, so no big write-up quite yet. I’ve got the pictures on my computer, but it’ll take a while to caption and sort all 200+ of them, so I’ll upload them later. I’ll link ’em when they’re up. We had a wonderful time, but it’s good to be […]


Headin’ South to Nerd Out

July 24, 2008

In just a few hours, Jacques and I will be taking mass transit down to meet Megs in Fullerton after her night class gets out. From there we will take her car all the way to San Diego for the famous San Diego Comic-Con!!! I’ll be taking a vacation day from work tomorrow to spend […]


Nifty Device!

July 9, 2008

I got a new toy today! It’s called the Turtle Beach AudioTron, and it’s awesome! What it is is a stereo component that goes in, say, your living room. Then you plug it into 1) your stereo and 2) your home network, and BAM! Suddenly you can play all your mp3s on your computer in […]


Net Neutrality

May 7, 2008

I always liked Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). I like that he’s standing up for the basic principles of the Internet. For those who haven’t heard the term, “net neutrality” basically means that all packets on the Internet are created equal and should be delivered without thought as to who sent them or where they are […]


More Posts, You Say?

August 21, 2007

So, apparently Kim has thrown down some kind of virtual gauntlet to post every day for some length of time. I can do that. As Matt and Jacques would say, “It’s turkey ice cream ON!” Last weekend was unremarkable. Played video games, did laundry, hung out with folks, yadda yadda. Oh, and Megs and I […]


Linkage and More

March 20, 2007

First off, the big news for me is that I finally got that new phone I’ve been asking for for the past couple holidays. It’s totally awesome and I love it. I really missed having a flip phone. Saturday evening we held a party to break in our new couch and to celebrate St. Patrick’s […]


Voting and Script Kiddies

November 8, 2006

No, the two subjects have nothing to do with one another other than they’re the two things I felt like talking about today. Yesterday as most of you know was Election Day here in the U.S., and I availed myself of my local polling place and did my civic duty by inking my dots of […]