Paternity Leave: Final Day

September 6, 2014

I know I still have the weekend, but today is the official end of my paternity leave. As I’ve said before, each week has gone faster than the previous, and this one was no exception. Excluding being rear-ended by another car yesterday, it wasn’t a bad week. Matt and Skye came over this evening, and […]


Paternity Leave: Day 32

September 4, 2014

Today was probably the worst. Started off normal enough, although I didn’t sleep great. Also found out Disney didn’t pay me this week, which I am looking into. After some phone calls to HR and Payroll, Sam and I went out for lunch, I ran a couple errands, and then BAM! Got rear-ended by another […]


More Substantial

April 5, 2011

I’m going to write about work, but I’m going to self-sensor before I post it. Here goes. So last week, I got to [REDACTED], who is actually a pretty nifty [REDACTED]. Also, we’re having [REDACTED], so hopefully [REDACTED] and messing up our carpet. The [REDACTED] didn’t look right, so they’re doing it again today. This […]