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More Than Just a Pen?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

A simple Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black, yes, but check out the reviews at the bottom. I promise this link will be worth your while.
Also, this blog turned seven years old last weekend! Cripes! Has it really been that long? At least my life will be well-recorded in some fashion or another.

List update

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Just wanted to let any interested parties know that I’ve been adding a few more things to my Christmas list in case folks were not sure what to get.
In related news, who’s going to be around L.A. New Year’s Eve? Megs and I were thinking of hosting a party for whomever is still/back in town that night.

The Pics Are Back!

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Holy crap, I finally got my pictures back up on the site! It’s amazing! I’m using Google’s Picasa software and web hosting, so check out the link below to see all the old crappy pictures of my car, my cat, and myself. πŸ™‚
ChrisWeb Pics

A Little Different

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

So, you might have noticed, but my site looks different once again. All I did this time was change WordPress themes, but I’ve gone with a really basic simple default that I intend to modify more in the future. I want to know more about how this blog system works, rather than just trust it as a magic black box. Also, I don’t want my page to look like every other default WordPress blog out there. =) I’ve already modified this one just a little bit by adding my random quips under the title and my sketchy picture up in the top right. A couple of other little things here and there, too.
Oh yeah. And today marks my three year anniversary of working here at Disney. It’s been good and I’m happy to still be here.
Also, last weekend marked the one year anniversary of Megs and myself getting married. It’s been really good and I’m really happy we’re still here, together. πŸ™‚

And we're back!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Some of you may have noticed that this site (and it’s child sites) were down for a few days there. Seems to be back up again now, obviously. What happened was the old k-net site was being bombarded with comment spam, which ate up all my bandwidth. I’ve since shut down the old site, thus crimping off any more crap like that. I hope, anyways.
In other news, Megs and I went off to Oregon last weekend. We saw a whole lot of family: Megs’ folks (Susan and Erv), mom, dad, Estelle, Matt, Kim, aunt Jeanne, uncle Brent, uncle David, grandma and grandpa Gallagher, and cousins Bethany, Anna, and Marissa. We also saw Morgan, Mirm, Laura, Tegan, Molly (two of them!), and probably some other folks I’m forgetting. I took some pictures, so I’ll try to post them soon, too. As usual, the trip was too short and too rushed, but it was still great seeing everyone!

The King of Pop

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

So, I’ve made a couple of small adjustments to the ol’ site here. First off I have my nice sketchy picture of Yours Truly over there on the sidebar. Good to be back. Secondly, I’ve re-instated the random tagline feature up there at the top under “ChrisWeb”. Refresh to see a new one! “King of Pop” is a personal favorite. πŸ™‚
Dad came by yesterday for lunch, so we went by the Studio commissary, which is always a good time. I forgot to give him a USB cable to give Kim. Sorry Kim, I’ll try to get that down to you somehow soon so you can upload pictures of your new place.
Oh, and before it’s old news, Megs did really well on her oral arguments at school! Check out her blog to see it in her own words, but I’d just like to state here that I’m really proud of her! She works very hard, so it’s nice to see someone else finally notice. Grats, love!

Site Changes (again)

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

So, once again I futz with the site design here a bit. I went back to the default WordPress look, mostly cuz I never really liked the one I was using. Also, it’s more compatible with various plug-ins I wanna use.
It’s back! ChrisWeb Forums are back with a vengeance! All the old posts are gone, as this is an entirely new system. Please let me know how it works for you. It’s still REALLY, REALLY pre-beta right now, so I expect it to blow up horribly and kill many, many innocent people.

Revamped Pics

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

As you may have noticed with yesterday’s post, I’ve revamped the pics section a bit. Most of all I’ve finally managed to get all the captions from the old database imported into the new one. Also, the new system allows comments on individual pictures! Now you can mock me to my face, so to speak. How exciting! Please check out this most excellent feature and let me know what works and what doesn’t. Also, let me know if I have any captions out of place. There might be a few crossed wires here and there.

E-Mailing Me

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Howdy y’all. Got a semi-technical update, but it’s applicable to ALL of you, so please read it.
I’ve been getting quite a lot of junk e-mail (spam) lately, like over 100 a day, so I’ve reconfigured my filters to be much more aggressive. Anything sent to the following at will be automatically and imediately deleted and not even make it to my spam folder: admin, administrator, accounting, billing, comments, contact, help, home, majordomo, mail, new_webmaster, postmaster, ris, root, sales, support, uucp, vote, and webmaster. So, for example if you send me something to, I will not ever know about it. For some reason, these addresses get a lot of crap sent to them, so I will be receiving them no more. For the time being, most other emails will still reach me, such as my first name at chrisweb dot us. If you would like me to add your email address to my white list (these will always reach me), please let me know and I’ll add you. Also, my work email address is a good alternative. It’s my first name dot my last name at the company I work for dot com. If you cannot fill in these blanks, then you probably shouldn’t be emailing me anyway. =)
That’s all for now about that. In non-tech news, I went down to San Diegon last Sunday with Anna and Cindy to visit Sally. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and seeing the nice part of town Sally lives in by the beach. I’m sure I’ve done some other stuff recently too, but meh.

Not a Whole Lot

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

What’s been going on with me? Not a whole lot, let me tell you.
As usual, I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but there’s not much to tell. I could talk about some new TV shows I’ve been watching (My Name is Earl and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, both good shows) and old shows that have resumed (Lost – eh, Gilmore Girls – meh, and Battlestar Galactica – ZOMG!!! TEH HAWESOME!!!11ones), but what good would that do anyone? The short answer is I recommend Studio 60 and BSG to anyone who reads this thing. The others are all right, too.
Also, I could talk about how I’ve gained another Tier One set piece in the World of Warcraft, or how I’ve (obviously) started playing a bit more again, but I know at least half of you or more tend to skim these paragraphs. Again, my name is Sesal and I play on the Hyjal server. I am ΓΌber-l33t and I look forward to seeing any of you who happen to pop in and say hi. =)
In some real goings-on news, last weekend I went down to Long Beach to visit with dad, John, and Grandma & Grandpa Brunner for Grandpa’s birthday. As usual it was good to see the family. Unfortunately Megs had to stay home to study for midterms. She had one on Monday and another today, so best of luck to her about that. She’s been stressing about it quite a bit, so it’ll be good to move on from this. Her blog can be found here if you wanna leave her a comment and/or keep up with her goings-on.
I wish I had more to write about because I feel more like writing. So let’s try, shall we?
I may have generated more traffic with an update to the “old” site telling folks who might still be hitting that one somehow to come here. This should also show up on the old RSS feed for those folks. I’ve also posted a link on my Facebook page in case folks only think to reach me through there. Oh, and I *finally* got this thing set up to email me when someone leaves me a comment. Surprisingly difficult. So many ways to find Chris!
How about some details of work? Our game, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, is coming along well. I doubt I can say too much about it, but my jobs of late have involved me getting new animations and other art assets integrated into the game engine. I’ve also been working with the sound people on some new sound effects and soon voice-overs. It’ll be nice to get some real sounds in. I think we’ve still got quite a number of Toontown sounds in there for placeholders. I’ve also been doing a bit of tidying up around the model tree to get rid of stuff we don’t need anymore. It’s building now.
This weekend I believe the tentative plans are for Megs and I to hang out at Cindy’s place with Anna and Matt and have a bit of a pot-luck. Not sure what else, but it’ll probably involve a movie or something. Maybe we can actually locate a Pictionary game this time. Saturday afternoon I think Matt and I will go out to Fry’s to nerd out a little and do a bit of tech shopping.
I can’t believe these models are STILL building! Takes forever to build the Pirates model tree from scratch. It’s been about four hours now.
Megs posted this a week or two ago, but I figured I should too. And now your moment of Zen.