More Posts!

It’s been over a month since my last post, so clearly I’m still bad at blogging, but I’m going to try to stop apologizing for that and just write more.

In site news, I’ve managed to dump all my Facebook content to local files, and then begin importing the data back here to ChrisWeb. Now if you go through the archives here, you’ll see all my Facebook text-only posts scatted throughout. I guess the idea here is to keep my life’s journal all in one place. I’ve started with just text posts, but I plan to also merge in links and photos as well. Just need to settle on a default formatting I like.

In other news, life on lockdown continues. We’re bored and it sucks, but the family is still in good health. We go on walks down our local bike path, where we see ducks and nutria, but I want to go camping something fierce!

Sammy had her 6th birthday, and we had our first guests of the quarantine for the party, such as it was. The local grandparents came by for a few hours, and it was very nice. We also had a Zoom call with some extended family and friends, although Sammy spent most of that playing with her new Legos.

A duck we saw on one of our walks

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