Out on Holiday?

Is everyone still out on break for the holidays? The comments here have dropped off considerably recently. Just curious if anyone still reads this site.
“What’s new with Chris?”, you might ask. Well, you’ve come to the right place for asking such things! When last we chatted, it was nearly the New Year and I was enjoying a day in Internet fame. Since that time, I’ve been to a New Year’s Eve Party, taken up a new online game, and had some company. All-in-all, a nice wind-down from the holidays.
Lastly, I made a neat thing from a kit that dad gave me, using a soldering iron mom gave me.

2 Responses to “Out on Holiday?”

  1. Annie says:

    Yes yes, that’s it, on break. No one has been kidnapped by ninjas. Nope.

  2. mollybeaver says:

    So I just looked at your party pictures after I did a bit of blogging and I happened to call your brother filthy. Funny, when I saw the picture of Matt and Kim my first thought was “Damn! That is an ugly chick Kim’s talkin’ to!” I was horrified to realize that Ugly girl was your brother. MATT! If you read this cut your freaking hair or I’ll come down there and shave it off in your sleep! You know there’s a chance that I’ll do it, I’ll be in Cali next month…

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