Twitter Patter

Some of my readers already know of so-called Internet “microblogging” service Twitter. What they may not know is that I have a Twitter feed of my own now. Basically, it’s a place where I can post about the minutia of whatever in 140 characters or less per post. I can do so via the web site or via text messaging on my phone. Interested parties can “subscribe” to my “feed” and keep up with what I’m posting about. Oh the joy of it all. Not sure if I’ll ever post there or what, but since everyone else was doing it…I wanted to be cool. 😛
Megs and I are slowly settling on some kind of holiday plans, so here’s what we got so far: Thanksgiving is gonna be down here in Los Angeles. Probably down in Long Beach with whatever relatives we can manage to find there. For Christmas we’re planning on taking the train up to Eugene, staying there for a few days, driving up to Portland for a week, back down to Eugene for a few more days, then train back down to LA. Whew! If anyone is gonna be in the Eugene/Portland area in the last half of December, let me know and maybe we can say hi.

I hope this does not happen

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