Last-Minute July Post

I made a promise to myself that if I ever missed a month in posting here, then that’d be the end of the blog. I’m not quite ready to close up shop yet, so here’s July 2010!
Tomorrow morning Megs and I catch a train (yes, TRAIN) north for Portland, Oregon. We’re going up for Matt C. and Anna L.’s wedding, which should be a blast. The reason we’re taking the train is because we had such a nice time on our last train journey, we wanted to do it again! Expect various pictures to be posted over the course of our journey; probably on Facebook and/or Twitter. There may even be free Wi-Fi access on the train itself!
In other news, Megs just finished her second-to-last term of law school the other day. One more to go! So close, we can almost taste it…
I’m still totally digging on my iPhone; it’s magical! I love it! The screen is so pretty and it does so many neat things! Megs hates when I call it “magical”, which I why I never miss a chance to say so. 🙂
Lastly, here’s an awesome drawing by someone on DeviantArt of the various Disney Princesses “posing” for a picture:

"Smile for the Camera" by Bri Chan

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