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I’m going to write about work, but I’m going to self-sensor before I post it. Here goes.
So last week, I got to [REDACTED], who is actually a pretty nifty [REDACTED].
Also, we’re having [REDACTED], so hopefully [REDACTED] and messing up our carpet. The [REDACTED] didn’t look right, so they’re doing it again today. This takes our [REDACTED], but it’s only for a couple days.
OK, this is getting stupid. Enough about work, let’s talk about last weekend.
Friday was another awesome SciFi Friday at JR’s place, which is always good times and good friends. We watched Real Genius and Weird Science. Classic!
Saturday was an event called the Warrior Dash. I was a spectator, but Megs, Matt C, Anna, Megan M, Chris G, Kyle, and Mike all went for the gusto and got good and muddy. Short description is that this is a race with some obstacles in it. For a longer version, check the link there. Pictures to come.
Sunday was lazy as I got pretty good and sunburned on Saturday, which always tends to drain my energy. Even so, a bunch of us went over to Kyle & Liz’s to have a pot-luck dinner and watch “Murder by Death” (1976), which is a wonderful spoof on murder mysteries.
Later this month, Jen’s coming to the area so we’re making plans to do Disneyland. And in June, Rachelle is getting married in NY, so Matt B, Kim and I are making plans to get across the country.
Happy spring, everybody!

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  1. Wells says:

    Hey, you get to [redacted] at work too, that’s so [redacted]!

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