Paternity Leave: Day 21

Last night I didn’t get to sleep until after 4 a.m., so Megan was kind enough to let me sleep in this morning. It wasn’t Sam that kept me up, just general insomnia. Still, Sammy slept great—until about 10:30 or so! Regardless, 80% of the family went on an adventure today!
While leaving Isis to guard the fort, Megs, Sammy, Maverick, and I all headed out to Vasquez Rocks to get some pictures. It was time to present Samantha to the world:

Lion King photo

♪♪ Nants ingonyamaaaaa!!! ♪♪

Other pictures are here:

Vasquez Rocks

A grand adventure! I even wore pants and shoes with laces, since I knew I’d be climbing on rocks and stuff.
In the evening we had dinner and watched the season 8 premiere of Doctor Who with a new Doctor in Peter Capaldi. All-in-all I like him as the Doctor, but Tennant is still my guy. We’ll see how this season unfolds.

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  1. Tennant is my guy too. Modern version of Tom Baker, who I also adore. I’ve been watching a lot of Tennant’s other stuff though, and MY GOD, has that man got range!
    Newest addition to my bucket list- to meet Stephen Fry and David Tennant, preferably to share a meal and chat a bit. Both of them absolutely remarkable men.

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