Bad at Blogging

So, it’s been months since my last post here, which over the last few years is still not a bad average. At any rate, I’d like to write more here, especially with the world the way it is at the moment, so no time like the present!

In site news, I’ve migrated the whole thing from DreamHost to my own AWS EC2 instance. I’ve also moved the DNS from Hover to Google and all my email forwards to my gmail address now. Seems cleaner, but please let me know if you notice any odd behavior in the site.

But yeah. The world. If you’re reading this in the future, please note the date stamp: The entire world is dealing with Covid-19. I’ve been working from home and Sammy has been home from school for over a month. Like many states, Oregon is participating in “Social Distancing”, which means very little contact with the world and very little to do outside the house. We’re getting by OK, and generally it’s fine, but some days are harder than others. Most days it’s work (on weekdays), TV, video games, playing in the yard, cooking, cleaning, and reading. Sometimes we go for walks around the neighborhood. Most parks and hiking trails are closed. I go grocery shopping once a week. It’d be kind of nice if we weren’t forced into it, and there wasn’t an overshadowing cloud of a deadly pandemic.

Last post was in July? Real quick rundown of what’s happened since then: we’ve painted the inside of the house, unpacked our stuff, Sammy started kindergarten, I sold the Charger and got a Tacoma truck, we saw Saint Motel play the Roseland, Megs took the Oregon Bar exam (results pending), we made some new friends, and we had some visitors as well as a couple parties.

My new whip

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